Well-being in the workplace is considered by employees to be an important mission that the company should value. Human resources are becoming more and more active, taking into account that it is a lever for employee involvement in the life of the company. How is well-being in the workplace perceived?

Why should the employer consider well-being at work?

Employee engagement" has always been an important human resources mission. Professionals have shown that well-being in the workplace is a real lever for employee involvement. A person who feels good at work is much more motivated and involved because their needs are met. They are therefore more open to satisfying their employer's demands. The more a company values its employees and their well-being, the better they will perform. Therefore, it is important to know the role of HR in employee engagement.

The importance of workplace wellness for the employee

The employee perceives well-being at work as human capital development. A company that is involved in "employee engagement in hr" is seen by its employees as a grateful company. As a result, employees will feel useful in their work and will want to give the best of themselves. This consideration of the employer will be a source of stability and trust of the employee towards his company. The employee will feel cared for, which is very important. A good company is a company that does not only focus on results, it is a company that values its resources and their well-being.

The impact of well-being in the workplace on employee performance

Workplace well-being is a lever for employee involvement because going to work will no longer be considered an obligation or duty. A person is involved in his work when he no longer cares about his needs because his employer will take care of it for him. Being well at work will therefore allow the employee to concentrate totally on his missions. A small consideration on the part of the employer can change a lot of things for the employee: committing to give him his salary on time, allowing him to have a balance between work and family life. These are the basics, but it is recommended to do more if possible: a canteen, transportation, a place to rest or good working materials...