You can turn a happy customer into a loyal customer simply by providing consistent and accurate services to them. The reason here is, customers become loyal when you provide them with consistent services that they expect from you. That is why you will find customer-oriented firms being more likely to have engaged employees. With that said, many businesses have been implementing PXM in their processes.

To design a convincing product experience, organizations like are acquiring PIM (product information management) software solutions. It eases how you manage your product information and helps you to optimize the distribution across several channels, in various languages, and adapted to targets and contexts. So, how can PIM have a relationship between the product and the consumer experience? This article will provide you with what you need.

Benefits of a PIM to Customer Experience

A great CX plays a significant role both in growing firms as well as giant firms. Here are the benefits associated with a great CX.

1. Increases productivity and revenue

A customer who is satisfied with a product or service will keep returning to your business if they need that product or service. Just as satisfied customers can enhance the profitability of a business organization, dissatisfied customers can significantly deteriorate the business' revenues. The reason here is, dissatisfied customers will talk ill about your firm and in turn, you will pay a heftier price for it.

2. Increases employee engagement

As mentioned above, having a greater CX value will attract more employees to your company than it does normally. If you have greater employee engagement, it means that your performance will grow significantly. When your employees are satisfied naturally with the company culture, they become more productive and will eventually help to grow your business.

3. Decreases marketing and service costs

Managing CX allows the team to inspect what is being bought by customers and what they would require in the foreseeable future. They do so by analyzing the sales process and observing the ongoing trend. Once they've acquired this information, the company can look up to the requirements of their consumers and become a trusted brand in the market.

4. Interacting with the existing customer base

It is simpler to interact with existing customers and have them elated but costlier to get new ones. When a business keeps its consumers regularly through phone calls, messages, and emails, it'll certainly make the desired impact.

Trends in the Customer Relationship Experience

Advancements in AI-powered interactions

Improvements in the sector of AI (artificial intelligence) have enabled business owners to create efficient strategies for their business processes. Implementing knowledge management systems and chatbots has proved to be quite effective for tier-1 complaints which have allowed managers to concentrate more on unusual customer complaints. Therefore, self-service tools are increasingly becoming a necessity in the current situation.


It is not the price or quality that gives ecstasy to the customers but rather the response they receive from the company. This is an expectation that when fulfilled, would attract the attention of the masses. Furthermore, if implemented with the appropriate technology, it can be quite easy to deliver this upshot.

Remote customer service

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to stay at home and the same applies to employees of any business. This also extended to the customer service departments of those businesses as they had to embrace new ways of offering the same customer service right to their homes. The key factors that are instrumental here include sharing data and remote cooperation.

Enhanced privacy and data security

There is nothing more important than the concern for the privacy and data of a company's customers. It is the responsibility of the business company to ensure that their customer service department improves and keeps themselves updated on ways of maintaining the highest security.

How to Measure and Assess CX

  • Rich products information. When consumers are making buying decisions, it is crucial to have rich product information. E-commerce platforms depend on the product information completely when purchasing products and therefore, they require precise product data.
  • Hit the bull's eye using only one attempt. With this system, all details of a product are displayed which can help customers to purchase exactly what they're looking for.
  • Consistency in product data. This system stores all product information in one main platform and helps to post relevant regarding a product.