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HR Management for dummies

Facilitating access to information

Facilitating access to information

Definition and monitoring of the information system policy

Managing your staff's payroll

Managing your staff’s payroll

Supervision and coordination of the payroll department

Managing employees' retirement

Managing employees’ retirement

Administrative management of employees’ retirements

Recruiting knowledge and skills

Recruiting knowledge and skills

Recruitment based on knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills


Professional coaching for executives

Full of decision making and strategic choices, the manager’s professional life is extremely demanding and does not give him/her any right to make mistakes. It is with a view to best embodying the different leadership positions and, of course, to make strategic decisions as secure as possible that many managers turn to professional coaching. Tailor-made support from a coach helps the manager towards efficient decision-making and helps him to perfect his strategic vision, to better manage his priorities, to identify his/her potential and resources, and to offer solid motivation to his teams… You can visit for more information.


How to motivate your employees?

Motivating employees and boosting their enthusiasm is an extremely delicate task when you are at the hierarchy’s top. To do this effectively, you have to start by trusting your employees. Of course, this trust is one of the criteria around which employee motivation is built. They also should be empowered to develop themselves and boost their own creativity. To motivate employees, some tools and techniques are important. A good leader must also know how to create a good atmosphere, evaluate them at their true value, give them time, create challenges to motivate them to surpass themselves… More on

The new trends of management


Managing by action and leading by example

Being a manager means knowing how to be exemplary in the eyes of your colleagues, to be respected, and listened to. What’s more, management is more about action than reflection, meaning that a manager must spend most of his or her time making sure that everything works.

Team members tending towards brand ambassadors

Turning staff members into brand ambassadors is a strategy that represents a significant competitive advantage. By becoming more familiar with the company’s products and values, employees can communicate them effectively. This transformation means confidence in them, which can boost their motivation.



The Personal-Branding trend


The ethical trend: human potential


The leadership trend


The start-up trend: innovative ideas


The benchmark trend


The globalization trend


The toolbox of
the perfect

From the creation of the business to its development, every entrepreneur must have a minimum of business tools enabling him to start his activity, better manage, publicize and promote his/her business. Between coaching sessions, EDP or CRM software, accounting and invoicing software, financial tools… many are crucial tools of an efficient entrepreneur, as explained on

The keys to
success for a

Managing a business implies that you need a wide range of management tools and to surround yourself with people who are as passionate as you are. Besides, you need to adapt your project to the economic reality in the field, limit costs, monitor supplier and customer items as well as investments, manage stocks well, focus on quality, get support…


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